When it comes to keeping your bussiness free of unpaid or unclaimed vehicles and vessels, Allstate Lien and Recovery is in your corner. Our service puts an end to expensive attorney's fees, plus you won't have to wait months for action. In most cases, we guarantee results within 45 days.

Your safety from liability is very important to us. Our experienced representatives will take every step possible to uphold your protection from undue lawsuits. Remember it is our job to look out for you. Our timely inexpensive service offers a thorough, on site vehicle or vessel investigation. Fast and accurate research to identify the owner and lienholder of the vehicle or vessel. An update on your claim which includes the auction date and the lien amounts. Notification of sale to all parties involved and continued negotiations with each party and updates to you throughout this process. Allstate Lien and Recovery will handle all calls pertaining to your case and a final claim notification to you once all actions have been completed.